Previous iTrust Beneficiaries

iTrust aims to support the education of children and their teachers.

Many people have benefitted from iTrust money in a number of different ways, including those listed below.

Benevolent Fund

Benevolent grants have been awarded to:

  • An IAPS teacher who had struggled financially after a marital breakdown. She was struggling to pay the fees for her son to complete his final year in prep school.
  • A senior school teacher, to help address rent arrears incurred as a result of an incident in school which made it difficult to work.
  • A family, where both parents were teachers, whose eldest daughter is severely disabled. Funding allowed the younger daughter attend a local boarding school and provide respite from a difficult home situation
  • A former IAPS head who had retired without a pension and was experiencing some financial difficulties. His family made the charity aware of his situation as he was too proud to ask for help.

Bursary Scheme

  • A boy whose brother was severely disabled and whose mother provided full-time care was helped to attend a public school for three years. He completed his GCSEs.
  • Two daughters of an IAPS teacher were helped to complete their education to A level/GCSE level after her divorce.

iTrust received a card from a previous beneficiary of the bursary scheme:

'Thank you for sponsoring me! I'm glad I've got lots of new friends and have achieved three distinctions, and prizes for scoring in the school's top 10% three times! Thank you, thank you, thank you!'