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IAPS runs a well-established programme of professional development courses for members and staff in their schools. IAPS members benefit from a significant discount as well as the knowledge that all courses are tailored specifically to the issues that matter most to a prep school environment.

We aim to provide the best quality and value possible at our training events. This year, we are filming many of our courses so that video can be made available on the IAPS website. We hope you agree that this adds value to our courses because when you get back to school you will be able to review aspects of your course and even share sections with your colleagues. Please be aware that a camera is likely to be present at your course. It will be unobtrusive and will focus on the speakers.

To find out more about the courses below, please click on the 'More Info' button for the relevant course and/or use the left-hand green navigation headings.

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  • How to be a Highly Effective Subject Leader - a joint Dragonfly Training and IAPS Course

    in London

    17 Sep 2015

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    Leading a subject area effectively is one of the most important elements in securing high quality teaching and learning in all schools. By focusing on your role as a leader of learning, this course will help you to establish and maintain your vision, get the best out of your team and ensure high quality outcomes - all whilst maintaining sanity and perspective about the role. To book onto this course, please get in touch via: Phone: 029 2071 1787 Email:

  • Developing an Outstanding Curriculum - a joint Independent Thinking and IAPS Conference


    22 Sep 2015

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    All schools are now expected to develop their own approach to the curriculum; what is important and how it is taught and then assessed. The curriculum should be at the heart of the school, a springboard for learning, not a set of chains to hold it back. With their trademark energy and enthusiasm this stellar team of Independent Thinking speakers will help you challenge and improve your own curriculum, making your school the outstanding place it deserves to be.

  • Annual Heads' Conference 2015 (FOR IAPS MEMBER HEADS ONLY)

    in Newport

    28 - 30 Sep 2015

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    In Good Heart - Developing Healthy Schools The Annual Conference for IAPS Members takes place at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, South Wales from Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 September 2015.

  • Conference for Overseas Members

    in Newport

    30 - 01 Sep 2015

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    Covering two half days, this course has been arranged specifically for Overseas Heads to attend following the IAPS Annual Heads Conference

  • Music: Enjoying Music!

    in London

    13 Oct 2015

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    The aim of the day will be to inform, refresh and inspire teachers of music.

  • ISC SEN Conference

    in London

    12 Nov 2015

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    The tenth in this prestigious series of conferences is aimed at SENCOs, Directors of Learning, Learning Support Teachers and Heads and SMT members.

  • Aspiring Senior Management Team

    in Oxford

    17 Nov 2015

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    This course is designed to provide an overview of all aspects of senior management. It will include the acquisition of a senior management post and understanding the role of senior management. Core skills will be delivered through practical activities, drawing on the experiences of current post holders and in collaboration with other aspiring senior managers.

  • Pastoral Development: A Whole School Approach

    in London

    24 Nov 2015

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    This course will offer practical and effective ways of developing pupil leadership and resilience as an integral part of good pastoral development, including effective tutoring to enhance a growth mind set in children. We will offer practical ways of providing evidence for inspection of your school’s effectiveness in developing life skills and examine the importance of teacher well-being and pupil voice in inspection.

  • SMSC: What is the Value of PSHCE and RS?

    in Leamington Spa

    26 Jan 2016

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    This dynamic and inspiring course for Heads, RS Subject Leaders and other interested teachers will provide many fully resourced, ready-to-use practical activities for RS and some aspects of the wider curriculum, such as PSHCE, that promote each of the elements of SMSCD and British values. Your presenter for the day is Fiona Moss, RE Services Today, and we will explore how to give teachers confidence to maximise the opportunities for spiritual development.

  • Appraisal and Managing the Performance of Teachers

    in Warwick

    09 Feb 2016

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    This course will enable delegates to establish the levels of professional practice expected from teachers and leaders on each pay point; create an audit to establish those levels of performance, and set skills-related appraisal objectives related to outcomes with clear success criteria.

  • Maths: Effective Differentiation in Mathematics Classroom

    in London

    23 Feb 2016

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    We will look at the provision for different needs and the achievement of all pupils in the maths classroom. The day will focus on excellent classroom practice that offers both support and challenge, including sessions on differentiation in the maths classroom and examples of best practice from an ISI maths specialist.

  • Cross Association Junior Schools Heads' Conference

    in Stratford Upon Avon

    03 - 04 Mar 2016

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    This will be the seventh Cross Association Junior Heads’ Conference which is open to all Heads of Junior and Preparatory Schools across the Heads’ Associations. The programme is designed by representatives from each Association to enable delegates to leave the conference better equipped and more confident to face the vital challenges of Junior and Preparatory School leadership.