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IAPS runs a well-established programme of professional development courses for members and staff in their schools. IAPS members benefit from a significant discount as well as the knowledge that all courses are tailored specifically to the issues that matter most to a prep school environment.

We aim to provide the best quality and value possible at our training events. This year, we are filming many of our courses so that video can be made available on the IAPS website. We hope you agree that this adds value to our courses because when you get back to school you will be able to review aspects of your course and even share sections with your colleagues. Please be aware that a camera is likely to be present at your course. It will be unobtrusive and will focus on the speakers.

To find out more about the courses below, please click on the 'More Info' button for the relevant course and/or use the left-hand green navigation headings.

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  • Pre Prep Maths: Inside and Out

    in Surrey

    02 Jun 2015

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    The course aims to provide practical experience and teaching strategies for use inside and outside the classroom and to examine the impact of the expectations of the new maths curriculum on teaching and learning.

  • Aspiring Deputy Heads

    in Oxford

    12 Jun 2015

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    This course was a sell-out last year and is, therefore, repeated this year. It is designed to equip staff who are aiming to become deputy heads in prep schools. It will cover the various roles and responsibilities assigned to senior management staff, outlining the real challenges for which deputies need to be prepared. Experienced senior managers will share observations and tips. Delegates will consider scenarios and analyse the skills required to be a successful deputy.

  • English: Enriching and Developing the English National Curriculum

    in London

    15 Jun 2015

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    Delegates will share ideas, resources and approaches linked with a variety of texts, including poetry and picture books, to enable them to enrich and develop the English National Curriculum 2014 imaginatively in the classroom.

  • Annual Deputy Heads and Director of Studies Conference

    in Northampton

    16 Jun 2015

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    This annual conference for members of SMT offers the opportunity to reflect on school strategy and education issues as well as network with those who hold similar SMT roles in other IAPS schools from far afield.

  • Getting the Learning Right (in association with Independent Thinking Ltd)

    in London

    23 Jun 2015

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    If a school isn't about teaching and learning then what is it about? At a time when there is so much pressure on us all to tick boxes, cover the curriculum and chase those test results, we can sometimes lose sight of what schools should be about - creating rich and exciting learning experiences that engage all young people. To help schools reconnect with their core purpose, Independent Thinking and IAPS are delighted to bring together four leading figures in the world of creative teaching and learning for a unique, practical, enjoyable and inspiring day full of practical ideas to reignite your classrooms.

  • Developing an Outstanding Curriculum - a joint Independent Thinking and IAPS Conference


    22 Sep 2015

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    All schools are now expected to develop their own approach to the curriculum; what is important and how it is taught and then assessed. The curriculum should be at the heart of the school, a springboard for learning, not a set of chains to hold it back. With their trademark energy and enthusiasm this stellar team of Independent Thinking speakers will help you challenge and improve your own curriculum, making your school the outstanding place it deserves to be.