ESR: Essential Education for the 21st Century

ESR (Education for Social Responsibility) is an area of education that has become increasingly recognised as essential for our schools as we prepare young people to take their place as leaders, policy makers and bringers of change in the 21st Century. So much of what we teach is driven by targets and expected outcomes rather than what is necessary for happy, fulfilled and stable lives and sustainable futures for our young people. ESR seeks to redress the balance and place at the heart of IAPS schools an understanding of what a fulfilled life comprises, a deep understanding of sustainability and ethical issues which face our global community today. ‘Today we seem to value what we are told to measure rather than measuring what we truly value.’

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Maple House, 150 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TB

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  • Thursday 31 January 2019
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Sue McKenzie (Course Administrator)
Tel: 01926 887833

Cost: £229.00

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