Beyond Levels

This one day course will explore the rationale behind the removal of levels to assess pupil progress. It will explain how a different approach is required to ensure pupils are fully engaged in the learning process, becoming increasingly independent and self-aware. Practical examples and recent research will highlight the impact of making a shift in your approach to assessment. This approach facilitates mastery; bringing a natural breadth and depth to a personalised learning experience. Packed with interactive activities join us and be prepared to rethink old habits and take permission to put learning first.

With a revised curriculum issued from the government never has there been a greater call to increase the expectation of what our pupils are able to achieve. The problem many schools face is trying to adapt to a new model whilst retaining old habits and behaviours that we have yet to release ourselves from. Ensuring the success of every pupil requires us to rethink the essence of our pedagogy. This course will take you on a journey increasing your awareness of the need to adopt the role of facilitator of learning; ensuring pupils develop independence and self-awareness. Never has there been a better opportunity to influence and shape the learning experience of your pupils.

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Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ

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  • Wednesday 1 March 2017
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Helen Wycherley (Courses and Conferences Administrator)
Tel: 01926 461507

Cost: £199.00

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