Road shows

In an effort to expand the number of courses we offer, increase the convenience of courses for all Districts, and increase training opportunities for you and your staff, we have invited our usual trainers to propose training days which can run locally.

The road shows represent a range of training days at a specified cost. It is for the District to organise a venue, refreshments, set a date and advertise the course locally, then split the overall costs between delegates.

Please see the links below for details of the road shows on offer.

If you wish to hold a road show training day please contact Maxine Rai.

Active Thinkers, Active Learners: Schools can discover how to combat passive thinking and help their pupils to become more active and independent in their approach to learning.

Active Thinkers, Active Learners (Pupils & Parents): A follow-up course to the "Active Thinkers, Active Learners" course for staff. Schools might like to arrange a day for C J Simister to demonstrate a range of techniques to pupils, and speak to parents in the afternoon.

Creating a Coaching Programme Across the School: This course investigates the approaches and processes by which a school can assure the quality of its games provision

Education Workshops from ByDesign: A range of workshops offered by the ByDesign Group, covering such topics as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and PSHE for prep schools and the upper pre-prep age range.

Getting the Best Out of People with Brian Ashton MBE: This innovative training day looks at the principles of improving performance and applies it to all dimensions of school life.

Handling Conflict Positively with Parents, Colleagures and Others: This course is relevant to heads of subject and SMT who are implementing new policies and change, and have to work with colleagues who offer resistance.

Heads for Heads Road Show Proposals for District Training Days: These training days provide heads with a tool-kit for the continual review and re-assessment of their school.

ICT Photoshop for Schools: This course looks at the fundamentals of Photoshop, its interface and tools.

PSHE Talks for Schools: Talks on a variety of PSHE issues by Dr Aric Sigman, who has worked on teenage health education campaigns with the Department of Health and is the author of four books on PSHE-related topics.

Teenagers Translated: Teenagers Translated offers programmes in schools for students, staff and parents, which ultimately benefit children by promoting all round support to social, emotional and moral learning.

Using Sport to Market Your School: This seminar will help your school to improve its market position with regard to sport.