Attain Magazine

Attain is the leading magazine of the independent sector and official magazine of IAPS.

Matthew Smith, Editor

Attain is aimed primarily at parents of prep school pupils. The magazine addresses issues close to the hearts of parents, pupils and staff, and its content has gained national press attention, allowing IAPS to set and influence the education news agenda.

All IAPS schools are expected to distribute Attain to parents, as part of their Head's membership of the Association. IAPS prefers that Attain is given to parents in hard copy but a special email-based digital version is available on request.


Print copies are supplied to each member school free-of-charge for distribution to parents. The process of distribution should not be onerous and schools should adopt whatever approach ensures each family receives a copy as quickly as possible following publication.

For schools for whom physically distributing the hard copy magazines is very difficult, Attain have developed an email-based version where each family receives a standalone message containing a digital version of the magazine. Schools wishing to use this method of distribution should contact Attain directly so this can be set up for them. We regret that adding a link to a school newsletter, website or equivalent has proved insufficient to ensure all parents download Attain. Only the email tool developed by Attain should be used for sending out the digital edition, if distributing print copies is not possible.

If any member schools have any questions or problems distributing Attain, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information about Attain, please visit: