Education for social responsibility

Education for social responsibility (ESR) has been placed at the very heart of what IAPS schools are about because it forms the basis of happy, fulfilled and successful lives, as well as sustainable futures.

In 2014 the IAPS Council agreed the following statement:

IAPS schools should all provide ‘a challenging, purposeful education that makes an enduring difference to a child’s development and at the heart of every IAPS school will be education for social responsibility (ESR): the promotion of well-being, the rights, responsibility, knowledge, skills and opportunity that will enable young people to be valuable and constructive members of society.’

To find out more about education for social responsibility please take a few moments to read the Overview of ESR. To look at resources to help your school engage with ESR, please see the ESR Resources document.

The documents below have been approved for publication by the Education Committee.

Many of our guidance documents are compiled by members of staff in our schools, If you would like to provide IAPS with guidance which could be added to the documents below and used by our membership, please contact Mark Brotherton, Director of Education.

Plan Bee ESR overview
Plan Bee Reduce, reuse and recycle, slides, quiz plus overview
Plan Bee Circular economies, slides plus overview
Plan Bee Where does this come from?, slides plus overview
Plan Bee Saving water, slide 1, slides 2 & 3 plus overview
Plan Bee Where is water? Slides plus overview
Plan Bee Water in our world, slides plus overview
Plan Bee Being Kind to you and me plus overview
Plan Bee Fast fashion, Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3 plus overview 
Plan Bee I speak for the trees  plus overview 
Plan Bee Thanks for everything plus overview 
Plan Bee What is fair trade? plus overview 
Plan Bee What is happiness? plus overview 
Plan Bee What is wealth? plus overview 
Plan Bee What the ocean gives us plus overview 
Plan Bee Why is nature special? plus overview
Plan Bee Just one change plus overview
Plan Bee Linking local wildlife plus overview
Plan Bee What is biodiversity? plus overview