Art from the cart: art history and creative project ideas for socially distanced times

1 February 2021 1pm – 4pm Subject Online

This workshop, which is centered around the idea of adaptability and creative thinking in these strange times, will begin with a workshop led by Lizzy Rowe. Lizzy is an Oxford-based art historian and museum guide who teaches Art History or Visual Thinking in primary schools. She will show us a variety of famous and not-so famous works of art and talk about how they can be used to kickstart art projects and introduce children to inspirational artists and makers. The aim is to give you ideas but also to provide you with some time to stop, to look, to think and to enjoy. There will be opportunities during the 45-minute talk to try out some suggestions and to come up with your own.

Attending teachers will be invited to bring as part of the course an example of a project or piece of work that has worked well as a project during Covid-19 restrictions, encouraging the sharing of ideas and resources as well as giving talking points. This will be followed by an open discussion by Yasmin Flett, IAPS Art subject adviser on different strategies for teaching Art during these times including how to display work digitally.