Cognitive Load Theory (CLT): The secrets to improved outcomes revealed through best practice, advice and clear explanation of the evidence (in partnership with Dragonfly Training)

30 November 2020 9am – 12pm Subject Online

Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) has recently been described by Professor Dylan Wiliam as “… the single most important thing for teachers to know” and is rapidly becoming education’s next ‘Big Thing’. This is some claim, so it is right that teachers will want to know more about it and more importantly how they can adapt their classroom teaching to take it into account.

This course will share what is involved in CLT and, more importantly, how it impacts on pupil performance in the classroom. Specific classroom-based teaching ideas will be offered so as to avoid the so-called ‘overload’ and therefore allow pupils to learn more effectively.

An understanding of CLT has huge implications for improving exam results, as well as deepening pupil knowledge and recall. After all, ‘understanding is memory in disguise’ (D Willingham)


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In partnership with Dragonfly Training