PSHEE: ‘P0rn, what’s the big deal?’ Teaching our young people to make healthy choices in their relationships

13 January 2023 10am – 4pm Subject Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel, London, WC1H 0HX

Ian Henderson and Mandy Marshall-Taylor from Naked Truth Education will be talking us through the significant impact of p0rnography on our young people in this digital world. It's been said that the problem with p0rn isn't that it shows too much but it doesn't show enough… enough of human dignity and healthy relationships.

This course will provide confidence, practical training and insight for educators regarding the influence that p*rn is having on young people’s physical and mental health, attitudes and relationships. We will identify why teaching about the harmful effects of p*rnography is essential and how early education can enable young people to form healthy perspectives on relationships, sex, body image, consent, communication and commitment. We will encourage non-judgemental, age-appropriate, relevant and honest education to support young people as they navigate through the cultural and digital landscape which is shaping their worldview and understanding of sex and relationships. Our curriculum-based sessions engage pupils with personal real-life stories, up-to-date scientific, psychological and sociological research, creative media and interactive content which we will demonstrate with you throughout our day together.