SEND: mental health and well-being and supporting learners with ADHD

18 May 2021 9am – 1pm Subject Online

This year’s course will focus on two very current areas of education - supporting learners with ADHD and mental health and well-being. The first session will focus on our ever-increasing learners with ADHD, many who are undiagnosed and outline how to best unlock the potential of learners who are lateral thinkers but have a low level of boredom and require stimulating teaching and learning experiences. Our second session will focus on the government guidelines and how we can promote pupil’s well-being in school, looking at teacher knowledge and practical resources, and how we can embed this into our classrooms and curriculum. We will discuss how Mental Health First Aiders are very much a current trend, but what about all our teachers having that knowledge and the tools to embed into their own classes?  We will focus on giving this information to delegates that can then be passed on.


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