Skiing Championships 2023

5 – 10 March 2023 Sport competition Passo del Tonale, Ponte di Legno BS, Italy, 25056

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£60 per team, one team per school

Schedule for the week

The itinerary may change due to weather conditions

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Giant slalom

  • This is a team event.
  • Teams are made up of 3 or 4 children per category e.g. U13 boys
  • Schools may enter more than one team per category: e.g. U11 Girls’ A and B team
  • There will be qualifying races, then the finals.
  • There will be cup and plate races.
  • There will be two courses (slopes) for the qualifying races and the championship and plate races.
    • Slope 1: U9 girls, U9 boys, U9 mixed, U11 girls, U11 boys, U11 mixed
    • Slope 2: U13 girls, U13 boys, U13 mixed.
  • Individual medals will be awarded for the fastest time in each category, as well as team medals

Parallel slalom race

  • Children will race two at a time.
  • The race will be organised as a knock-out competition.
  • Round 1 - 128 children, round 2 - 64 children, round 3 – 32 children, round 4 – 16 children, round 5 – 8 children, round 6 – 4 children, round 7 – 2 children
  • Competitors are encouraged to bring their own skis and boots.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times when skiing. 
  • The Bulferetti family can assist in transporting equipment to the competition.
  • Alternatively equipment can be hired in the resort. 
  • All school staff, competitors and coaches will be given priority for booking in the main hotels.
  • Whilst we encourage spectators to come and are delighted to have them supporting the event, this is a schools championships and priority must be given to schools in the main hotels.
  • Parents should book their own accommodation separate to the school.