03 Sep 2021

General news

[email protected] is a new service to supplement the already considerable support that IAPS offers its 663 member schools both in the UK and abroad

The service covers a wide range of key educational aspects, including senior staff recruitment, strategic planning and marketing, curriculum planning and extra curricular development, mentoring, coaching, appraisals and financial planning.

Members of the consultancy team will be fully accredited by the University of Buckingham and have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the independent sector.

A further significant feature is its affordability. IAPS is determined to make the service available for even the smallest of our member schools.

[email protected] offers:

  • Senior staff recruitment
  • Strategic planning (such as marketing and promotional advice; restructuring and change management projects, inspection preparation)
  • Coaching, mentoring and appraisal (including career planning for heads and senior staff; governance relationships, CPD and mentoring for heads)
  • Financial planning (eg merger and acquisition advice; salary reviews for heads and senior staff)

For further advice and information or to register your interest in the service, go to the [email protected] webpage and complete the following form Contact Us (iaps.uk)

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