04 Feb 2021

Sports news

All IAPS Sport events for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year have been cancelled

We are sure you will be as disappointed as we are that with great reluctance all IAPS Sport events for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year have been cancelled. This decision has not been taken lightly; however, the safety of our member schools is our utmost priority. Many of the summer term events are large one day tournaments with lots of schools, competitors, officials and spectators coming together from across the country. Many schools stay overnight and travel large distances to attend. With the nation still in lockdown and the prospect of a release back into tiers in the spring, it is not appropriate for us to continue organising these large-scale events.

We have kept in contact with all national governing bodies (NGBs) throughout the year and until they approve competitions can return, we are unable to organise events for our members. NGBs have advised that children returning to national level competitions, after very little training throughout the year, is not responsible. We hope that as summer approaches, 1:1 fixtures and small festivals will be able to go ahead. These can be organised on a local level and don’t require the usual coordination from IAPS. The IAPS sport team will deliver the virtual events and lockdown activities until Easter and continue to support schools with updates and information through the monthly newsletter. 

We remain optimistic for autumn 2021. The sport team will plan for a programme as close to normal as possible. We hope to bring you news of events launching later in the year. IAPS Sport is an event provider; we are not a regulatory body. It is up to your school to decide the sports you play and terms in which you play them. Our advice continues to be that you follow national governing body and government advice for returning to sport in your school safely.

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