04 Feb 2021

IAPS members urge the government to vaccinate all teachers and school staff, along with other priority groups of workers

In a letter to The Times today (4 February 2021) IAPS members, led by IAPS Vice Chairman, William Goldsmith (St George's School, Windsor) write:

Sir, As head teachers we are heartened by the progress that has been made with the coronavirus vaccinations and encouraged that the target of 15 million people is likely to be reached by February 15. This is saving lives, bringing light to a dark period for many and giving hope that pupils will be back in their schools without any further delay.

To support this mission we urge the government to vaccinate all teachers and school staff, along with other priority groups of workers. The emotional and social wellbeing of young people is a significant concern to us, and every day we see the need for pupils to be in school: with each hour that passes the need for children to be back with their peers and teachers grows stronger.

Teachers have demonstrated that they are ready for the challenge ahead. Without neglecting anyone’s safety, reopening schools from March 8 should be the priority under any circumstance.

William Goldsmith, Head, St George’s School, Windsor; Jane Thorpe, Head, Swanbourne House School; Jonathan Whybrow, Head, Amesbury School; Chris Searson, Head, Beaudesert Park School; Kate Gater, Headmistress, High March School; Ben McCarey, Head Master, Holyport College; Nigel Reed, Headmaster, Hatherop Castle School; Chris Ward, Headmaster, West Hill Park School; Peter Dove, Head of Junior School, St Gabriel’s, Sandleford Priory; Giles Tollit, Headmaster, Horris Hill; Sebastian Sales, Headmaster, St Piran’s School; Daniel Thornburn, Headmaster, Edgeborough School; Colin MacIntosh, Headmaster, Ashfold School; Adam Walliker, Headmaster, St Edmund’s School; Sandra Warman, Joint Head of Year 2 and Year 2 Form Teacher, St. Piran’s School; Nick Armitage, Head, Rupert House School; Jody Wells, Headteacher, Forres Sandle Manor School; Jane Crouch, Head of Prep, Headington School; James Barnes, General Secretary, Pre-Senior Baccalaureate; James Massey, Head, Daneshill School; James C Thompson, Headmaster, St Hugh’s School; James Polansky, Headmaster, Boundary Oak School; Charlotte Johnston, Head, St Peter’s Prep School; Michelle Lance, Headmistress, Feltonfleet School; Chris Webster, Headmaster, Hoe Bridge School; Sarah Norville, Headmistress, Rydes Hill Preparatory School and Nursery; Luke Bromwich, Headmaster, St Margaret’s Prep; Kay Goldsworthy, Headteacher, St Ives School; Sharon Maher, Headmistress, Halstead Prep School; Ben Evans, Headmaster, Windlesham House School; Aislinn Clarke, Headmistress, Ripley Court School; Nicole Janssen, Head, Parkside School; Philip Oldroyd, Head, Barrow Hills School; Richard Chapman, Headmaster, King’s St Alban’s; Sarah Conrad, Headteacher, St Teresa’s Effingham; Susan Clarke, Headmistress, Rowan Prep School; Mark Brearey, Head, Kingswood Prep School; David Sibson, Headmaster, St Francis School; Tania Botting, Headmistress, Greenfield School; Ian Wicks, Headmaster, The Chorister School; Louise Salmond Smith, Head, The Prebendal School; Chris Hattam, Headmaster, The Elms School; Helen Skrine, Headmistress, Belmont School; Christian Saenger, Headmaster, Dumpton School; Christopher Wright, Head, Hereford Cathedral Junior School; Kevin Doble, Headmaster, Shrewsbury House School; Neil Chippington, Headmaster, St John’s College School; Sarah Morris, Headmistress, Birchfield School; Sophie Baber, Headteacher, Brookham School; Noel Neeson, Headmaster, The Blue Coat School; Kerrie Daunter, Head of Prep School, The Royal School; Anne Haas, Head of Junior School, The King’s School; Alex McCullough, Headmaster, Perrott Hill; Jeremy Harper, Head of Primary, Derby High School; Matt Robinson, Head of the Junior School, City of London Freemen’s School; Sophie Banks, Headmistress, Eton End School; Nicola Cowell, Head, Coworth Flexlands School; Simon Clarke, Headmaster, Spratton Hall; Claire Robinson, Headteacher, Holme Grange School; Joanna Cooke, Head of Pastoral Care, Holme Grange School; Marcus Culverwell, Headmaster, Reigate St Mary’s Prep and Choir School; Matthew Bryan, Headmaster, Longacre School; Marcus Cook, Headmaster, The Croft Preparatory School; Sarah Hair, Headteacher, Holy Cross Preparatory School; Susan Northend, Chair of Governing Board, Holme Grange; Duncan Bailey, Headmaster, Cothill House; David Morton, Headmaster, The King’s School; Matthew Copping, Head, Stockport Grammar Junior School; Patrick Gush, Headmaster, St Pius X Prep School; Christopher James Cann, Head, Ratcliffe College Preparatory School; Caroline Rigby, Headmistress, Leicester Grammar Junior School; Susannah Palmer, Headmistress, Norfolk House School; Martin Stott, Headmaster, The Old Hall School; Jon Bartlett, Head, St Andrews School, Pangbourne; Alastair Cook, Headmaster, The Downs Malvern Prep School; Timothy Calvey, Headmaster, Orley Farm School; Perran Gill, Deputy Head, Keble Prep School; James Stenning, Head Teacher, North Bridge House Prep; Christine McLelland, Executive Headteacher, North Bridge House Nursery and Pre-Prep schools; Mark Turner, Headmaster, Lady Barn House School; Conall Chivers, Headteacher, Avenue House School; Sarah Hollis, Head Teacher, Buckingham Prep School; Clive Marriott, Head Master, Salisbury Cathedral School; Doug Brown, Headmaster, St Joseph’s In The Park; Dominic Rhys Smith, Headmaster, Ruckleigh School; Richard McCann, Head of Prep, St Columba’s College Prep School; Shirley Drummond, Headteacher, St Helen’s College; Christopher Hammond, Headmaster, Abercorn School; Katherine Bluck, Head of Junior School, Frensham Heights; Naomi Simon, Head Teacher, Kerem School; Gareth Davies, Headmaster, Gayhurst School; Amanda Willis, Head of Pre-Prep, Hoe Bridge School; Luke Harrison, Headmaster, Sevenoaks Preparatory School; Helen McClure, Head, Solefield School; Emma Karolyi, Head, Junior King’s School; Paul David, Headmaster, Dulwich Prep Cranbrook; William Trelawny-Vernon, Headmaster, Saint Ronan’s School; Craig McCarthy, Headmaster, Russell House; Ben Beardmore-Gray, Head, Moulsford Prep School; Andrew Boyle, Headmaster, Barfield School; Therésa Jaggard, Head, Spring Grove School; Eddy Newton, Headmaster of Marlborough House School; Luke Gollings, Headteacher, Castle Court School; Antonia Lee, Head of Prep, St Helen’s School; Ellen Rowe, Head of Junior School, St Lawrence College; Hellen Dodsworth, Headmistress, Warwick Preparatory School; Dr Emma Margrett, Head of the Prep School, Radnor House Sevenoaks; Simon Head, Headmaster, Chafyn Grove; Amanda Helen Childs, Head, Ipswich Prep School; Chris Gillam, Headmaster, Heath Mount School; Claire Bentley, Head of Prep & Pre-Prep, Culford School; Scott George Carnochan, Headmaster, Holmewood House School; David Griffiths, Headmaster, Old Buckenham Hall; Katy Joiner, Headmistress, Hilden Oaks Preparatory School and Nursery; Rupert William John Snow, Headmaster, Alleyn Court Prep School; Bill Toleman, Prep School Headmaster, Bishop’s Stortford College; Matthew Clarke, Head, St Cedd’s School; Jonathan Brough, Headmaster, St Swithun’s Preparatory School; Rebecca Smith, Headmistress, Stroud School, King Edward VI Preparatory School; Dominic Fitzgerald, Headmaster, St. Andrew’s School; John F Gilmour, Headmaster, Craigclowan Prep School; Maggie Waller, Chair, Eton Porny CoE First School; Ben Walker, Headmaster, Lochinver House School; John B Hicks, Headmaster, Westbourne School

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