11 Mar 2021

United World Schools (UWS) is an education charity with a simple mission, to teach the unreached

United World Schools (UWS) is an education charity with a simple mission, to teach the unreached. They provide education to children in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal who otherwise would have no opportunity to go to school. In South Asia, a staggering 11.3 million children of primary school age do not attend school. Children from remote, ethnic minority communities are disproportionately affected - especially girls, many of whom have never had the chance to go to school.

UWS offers a unique partnership model where schools and organisations around the world are linked with UWS school communities. The support generated from the partnership contributes towards ensuring children from remote areas access quality education in UWS schools by supporting the long-term sustainability of every project. For your school, it is an authentic way for students to learn about global issues and an opportunity to connect, engage and grow with hard-to-reach communities. You will be provided with regular updates on the students you’re impacting through fundraising, including photos and case studies. UWS also provides resources for global citizenship in the classroom, equipping your students to engage with the world around them and empowering them to become young leaders.

UWS has already partnered with over 100 schools, including 30 IAPS schools, to support and build over 226 schools and sustainably transform the lives of 36,500 children. Their mission is not only to provide education to all, but to ensure that this is a quality education where children feel supported. This year, UWS has secured an incredible opportunity through the UK Aid Match scheme; their campaign #HappilyEverSmarter runs from 29 April to 29 July and the UK government will double donations! Just £40, doubled, could educate a child for a whole year and transform their life for good.

Join UWS on a mission to transform the lives of children and empower entire communities by giving them access to a life-changing education, one that provides them with a different path to become future leaders and change-makers. Get in touch with the School Partnerships lead, Joanne Rozeik on [email protected]

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