About us

Children attend our pre-prep and nursery up to the age of 7, and from 8 years old they join the boarding and day prep school. Abberley Hall prepares pupils for all major public schools, providing the academic, sporting and social grounding which is the foundation for sustained success. There is a 100% success rate at Common Entrance, and the pupils have an excellent scholarship record: 37 awards in total for 2016.

Abberley Hall is still very much a full boarding school. Boarding is thriving and a full programme of activities is provided during the week and at weekends. Set in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside, Abberley's school grounds extend across 90 acres and allow our children a real sense of freedom throughout. Whether it is in Forest School, our Outdoor Learning area, playing sport or participating in after school activities, Abberley pupils spend a great deal of their childhood outdoors. Small class sizes, high quality classroom teaching and committed pastoral care ensure that at Abberley the teachers really know and understand the children as individuals.

We believe that learning should be an exciting experience and we strive to be truly innovative whilst maintaining a strong academic ethos and offering support for those who need it. There is a strong culture of performance and participation encouraged right from the beginning. All our children get regular opportunities to perform in the sporting, theatrical, musical and public speaking arenas. Success and enjoyment go hand in hand; provide children with a happy, stimulating environment and they will thrive. The most important thing that we give the children at Abberley is their childhood. High class academic education is delivered by dedicated, supportive staff. A wealth of opportunities allows them to explore the full range of their talents, within a caring environment which aims to encourage rather than persuade. Abberley enables children to build life-long friendships and prepares them for success in a global and changing world. It’s a special place with a certain magic that we think can be best summed up as ‘Gumboots and Greek’; that is to say, making the most of a fantastic setting, but with academic rigour.

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