IAPS Sport has partnered with bsporty to launch a monthly online sports magazine for children aged 7-14 years. 

The magazine is a safe website for children to browse freely where all of the content and videos have been obtained with the express permission of the Sports’ Governing Bodies.


Magazine features

Every month, the bsporty magazine features:

  • a number of different sports with inspiring up to date content
  • videos of skills
  • interviews
  • direct links for readers to try the sport for themselves or to take the sport to the next level.
  • There are also articles on interesting topics for this age group such as sports kit made from recycled plastic or new and innovative sports equipment, a hotel where you can sleep at altitude or activity camps, holidays and healthy eating plus sports psychology.

April’s edition was a free version – click here to read!

Through IAPS’s new partnership with bsporty, children who sign up and attend an IAPS school will not only have access to the monthly bsporty articles, but they will also have access to an exclusive IAPS section.

The IAPS section will include:

  • reports from events; including a list of all the event results
  • updates on how to get involved in the programme
  • articles from former pupils who have gone onto achieve in their sport
  • reports from schools about their experiences at events
  • announcements about exciting new developments; including the winner of the mascot competition, which has been designed by an IAPS pupil
  • Polls for children to take part in. After all, we want to organise events that children want!

The magazine is a safe website for children to browse freely where all of the content and videos have been obtained with the express permission of the Sports’ Governing Bodies. There is no blogging facility and no capacity for children to talk to one another. The magazine helps children to enjoy reading whilst providing knowledge about the world of sport around them, advice as to how to deal with challenges and ultimately encourages them to get outside and be active.

Whilst sport is still heavily restricted in the UK, we felt this was a perfect time to launch our partnership with bsporty and for children to be inspired to try new activities when they safely can.

We hope that your school and your children will #binspired after reading the new IAPS Sport magazine!

How to sign up

There are 2 different types of subscription available: an individual subscription or a school subscription.

Individual subscription

Children can sign up (with parental permission) for £5 per month. There is also an annual subscription available for £55/year.

To subscribe, follow this link: Individual subscription

School subscription

If your school would like to offer the magazine for all children at school or for a specific year group, the following subscriptions are available:

  • £75/month for 100 students
  • £100/month for 300 students
  • £150/month for 400 students

To subscribe, follow this link: School subscription

Submit articles & adverts

Would your school like to write an article for the magazine?

We will be writing new content monthly. The magazine launches on the 1st of every month. If you school would like to feature in the magazine you could: 

  • Write an article about your experience of attending an IAPS event
  • Send us photos and videos of your experiences at IAPS events
  • Do you have former pupils that have gone onto achieve great things in their sport? Would they like to write an article to inspire the next generation?
  • Write an article about any interesting sports news from your school; charity runs, challenges, etc.

We would like to include as many articles as possible each month but please remember the audience when writing articles – the magazine is aimed at children between 7-14 year olds and what they would be interested in reading. This isn’t a hard sell of your PE department to prospective parents. But an inspiring article to encourage children to get involved in sport and activity.

To submit an article, pictures or videos, please complete the following form

Advertise your school

Schools are invited to place an advert in the monthly magazine. If your school would like to place an advert for an open day, holiday camp or anything else promoting your school, please contact [email protected]. (There will be a fee for adverts).

GDPR policy

bsporty is the data controller for all personal data when children/schools sign up.

You can view their GDPR policy on their website.

Full names will be removed from articles sent to IAPS for inclusion in the magazine.

In line with IAPS’s media policy, it is your schools responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions before sending us any media to be included in the magazine.