Each IAPS school belongs to a district; there are 13 districts in the UK. Each district nominates a sports representative, who is an active head, and who sits on the Sport Committee for 3 years. 

Committee Representatives


Chris Schanschieff
Aldwickbury School 

1N (London North)  
Greg Evans
Tower House
1S (London South)   
Nik Pears
Kent College Prep
2 (Kent)  
Gareth Jones
St Andrew’s Prep
3 (Sussex)  
Sean Price
Westonbirt Prep
4 (West)  
John Thorpe
Sunninghill Prep
5 (Wessex)  
Marcus Cook
The Croft
6 (Midlands)  
Frank Driscoll
St Ambrose Prep 
7 (North West)  
Jonathan Hall
Hill House Junior 
8 (York)  
Ian Silk
Bedford Prep 
9 (East Anglia)  
Deborah Henderson
St Neot’s Prep
10 (Oxford and Reading)  
Rob Taylor
Cargilfield Prep 
11 (Scotland and NI)  
Susan Clarke
Rowan Prep
12 (Surrey)  
Mike McKaughan Invited Member  
Sally Garland Jones Invited Member  

Don’t know which district your school is in? Log into the IAPS website and take a look at our full list of member schools.

Committee Meetings

The Committee meet once a term at IAPS HQ, in Leamington Spa. Examples of topics discussed include; NGB rule changes, formats of events, new events and regulations and guidance.

The next committee meeting is Thursday, 14 October 2021.
Summary of Minutes

Please contact your district sport representative if you would like the committee to discuss a particular topic. 

District Meetings

Sport representatives feed back any matters arising to their District meetings. District meetings are for Headteachers only.

At these meetings, Heads can suggest any topics which they would like discussed at the next Sport Committee meeting.

If a school would like to raise a discussion point for the next Sport Committee meeting, please contact your district representative.

Director of Sport Meetings

Most districts hold an annual Director of Sport meeting. 

If you’d like to find out when and where these are held, please contact your distict Sport Committee representative.