Criteria for membership

  • There should be 100 or more pupils in the school, aged between 2 and 16. The majority of the children will fall within a core age range of 4 to 13.
  • The Head will be Head of a school that educates no further than KS4
  • The Head will have sufficient autonomy, defined as:
    • responsibility for the management and internal regulation of the school
    • the appointment and direction of staff
    • the selection, welfare and discipline of pupils
  • The Head will be appropriately qualified (higher education qualification)
  • The school will comply with the law and offer all employees a pension scheme. For teachers, the best possible scheme might be the Government Teachers’ Pension Scheme always recognising that market conditions and prevailing provision in the independent sector may vary from this.
  • Teaching staff are offered salaries that are reasonable, taking into account market conditions and prevailing rates of pay in the independent sector.
  • The school is of standard – compliant and achieving good or above in gradings from inspection

For more information on becoming an IAPS member, contact Petra Hancock, Membership Secretary (01926 461500).