Modern prep schools offer a superb standard of education for pupils, balancing traditional values with cutting-edge teaching and learning. Far from the traditional cliché of old-fashioned uniforms, rigid discipline and academic rigour, one of the key strengths of IAPS is the wide variety of schools within its membership.

IAPS has more than 660 schools in membership (almost 50 of which can be found outside the UK). Our schools must reach a very high standard to be eligible for membership of IAPS, with strict criteria on teaching a broad curriculum, maintaining excellent standards of pastoral care and keeping staff members’ professional development training up to date.

Although each of our schools is independent, and has its own ethos, they are all committed to delivering an excellent, well-rounded education to the pupils in their care.

Whether you are looking for a single-sex or co-ed school, day or boarding, one with a particular religious affiliation or one that provides special educational provision and facilities, there is an IAPS school for you.