IAPS supplies copyright licences for all independent schools registered with the Department of Education (DfE) regardless of whether they are members of IAPS. More information on what is covered by each licence can be found on the DfE website. Copyright and Schools also explains which licenses you need to use copyrighted material. 

Schools not covered by the DfE licence, including independent schools, are required to take out their own licence. 

Copyright billing
IAPS acts as a billing agent for the Copyright Licensing Agency, the Motion Picture Licensing Company and Christian Copyright Licensing International . We send out a single invoice on 1 April each year on behalf of these agencies. 

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To understand why we are invoicing you and how we calculated your invoice, you can read the guidance on the DfE website or download a copy of the relevant renewal letter for a CLA licence, an MPLC licence or a CCLI licence. You can also download a copy of your MPLC licence but please note that it will not be valid until payment has been received.

For information about:

  • NLA Media Access Schools Licence, including terms and support materials and how to set up a Newspapers for Schools account, click here

For more information on copyright licences or billing, please email our accounts team or call 01926 461506.

IAPS also represents independent schools on the Education Licensing Working Group.