IAPS is delighted to offer an opportunity to link with the association in a new and exciting way

We seek partners who share our values, not least to pursue excellence in our respective areas of operation,  but also fundamentally seek to provide services which improve the educational lives of children. Our agreements will run for three years in the first instance and our premier partners will have exclusivity of representation in their area of commercial work.

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Castle Water is the UK’s largest independent water retailer, supplying over 20% of businesses and public bodies throughout England and Scotland. Castle has extensive experience providing services and support to schools, including major public schools. Castle has made significant investment in developing market leading systems to support our customers, including our Customer in Control plan, which allows you to receive monthly bills calculated on reads you submit each month, meaning you’ll never get an estimated bill. Castle also provides water auditing, water contingency planning and supply, leak detection, and water bill validation services. Castle provides a full water management package including support with sustainability initiatives to help save schools time and money on their water bills. For further information please contact [email protected] with IAPS in the subject line.

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Parents use Classlist’s school community app to link up, organise events, share recommendations and trade stuff. It is the global market leader building school communities with flagship schools in 16 countries. Many head teachers prefer it to social media because of privacy, safety and inclusivity concerns. Classlist won Startup of the year at the world’s biggest ed-tec


eEnergy is a leading “Energy-as-a-Service” (EaaS) technology enabled provider, unleashing net zero for public and private sector organisations, delivering energy reduction and decarbonisation solutions without the need for capital investment. eEnergy’s primary focus delivers “Light-as-a-Service”, transforming the places and spaces of organisations through its subsidiary, eLight. eLight helps organisations switch to LED lighting for a fixed monthly fee, avoiding any upfront payments. For customers, the lighting energy savings (<70%) are greater than the monthly service fee, allowing them to unlock free cash-flow from day one as well as to improve the quality of their lighting and reduce carbon emissions. eLight funds, procures, installs and maintains the LED lighting, providing a risk-free solution.

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SIMS has spent years developing solutions for managing prep schools that are dedicated to helping you and everybody in your school. From raising standards and demonstrating your pupils’ academic credentials, to attracting new pupils and evaluating the success of your marketing, everything you need as an independent prep school is here for you in SIMS.