Allergy awareness and auto-injector training

25 April 2023 4pm – 6pm Online Online

The Allergy Badge is an accredited training centre that provides medically approved and fully comprehensive 'Allergy awareness and auto-injector training' courses. This course will benefit all schools who have children with allergies in their care and also show support to UK Allergy awareness week (24th-30th April).

This course is fully recognised by HSE, CPD certified and endorsed through Skills for Care. The course is delivered by Natalie, the founder of The Allergy Badge who is a qualified trainer and also parent to a child with life-threatening food allergies.

We believe it to be the most informative course of its kind available, covering how to recognise symptoms of allergic reactions, the different types of reaction, how to administer an auto-injector, tips for staff, classroom principles, and mental health and wellbeing. It is designed to complement the advice of a school nurse and help to ensure the whole school environment is safe for allergy sufferers. The course lasts approximately 2 hours which includes time for a Q and A session led by the course leader.



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