Creating cultures of thinking: Building learning environments where children do the thinking

27 November 2023 9am – 12pm Subject Online

A significant part of the workshop will be spent developing classroom approaches that lead to student led classroom enquiry. A theme that runs throughout the workshop is making thinking visible. This fundamental principle means that we can see thinking happening and by doing so, be in a position to scaffold it. The workshop draws together a broad range of strategies into meaningful sequences of learning that have universal, cross-phase applications. This course is designed for schools who want to develop their cultures of thinking. As well as looking at classroom techniques and strategies, we will also unpick how we can make this part of the DNA of our institutions. There is a clear rationale for why adopting critical thinking is imperative for our students. We start by looking at the reasons through an educational lens and also from a wider child development perspective.


(Programme subject to change)

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