PSHE: P*rn – What’s the big deal?

19 January 2024 10am – 4pm Subject

Unfortunately this course has been cancelled.

“Too many young people are getting their sex education online from viewing p0rnographic films… young children need to be made aware of the risks of what they are doing. Schools have a role to play in this. Teachers and parents have a critical role to play… “

— Chief Constable Simon Bailey, National Police lead for child protection

This course will offer insight into the influence that p*rn is having on our young people’s brains, bodies and relationships. We will identify why teaching about the harmful effects of p*rnography is essential and how early education can help prevent the embedding of damaging behaviours and attitudes which jeopardise the fabric of our society. 

This course will provide educators the confidence, knowledge and reason needed to embrace the teaching of relationships and sex in the face of the influence of p*rnography. 

( Programme subject to change )