SEND: provision, interventions and supporting children with SEND in the classroom

Following on from last year’s conference where there was a focus on identifying different needs within the classroom, this year we will be looking at classroom provision for our pupils with SEND. One of our speakers will look at how we empower teaching professionals to use the latest findings from neuroscience research to transform and enrich their classrooms and empower our students to understand how learning happens. There will be a focus on how to plan for, support and inspire our pupils who have such a wide variety of needs and how Quality First Teaching aids us to do this. We will look at how we can effectively use our TAs to enhance the learning experience of our pupils and how the use of provision maps can make a difference to classroom practice. The course also look at ways of overcoming barriers for our pupils and inspiring them to learn using the strengths they have.

Event Document: 962-SEND-provision-interventions-and-supporting-children-with-SEND-in-the-classroom-final-map-12-March-2020.pdf

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  • Thursday 12 March 2020

Sue McKenzie (Course Administrator)
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