Advertise a vacancy


IAPS schools can advertise vacancies free of charge on our IAPS Jobs website. Schools need to register for a Pressburst account using a discount code of 'IAPS'. Schools will not be charged for their Pressburst account. However, jobs will not go live on the national ISC jobs portal using this free plan.

ISC Jobs

Schools who also wish to advertise their vacancies on the national ISC Jobs portal, need a Pressburst account. Jobs placed via Pressburst will appear on the IAPS Jobs website and ISC Jobs portal automatically and only need to be uploaded once.

Talented Teacher Jobs

Our recruitment specialists Talented Teacher Jobs actively engage with over 170,000 of the best education professionals currently seeking work. An advert placed with TTJ is also published on partner jobs websites around the world, as well as on a variety of social media channels.

An exclusive IAPS deal means 10% of the cost of your Talented Teacher Jobs package will be donated to our charity, iTrust, helping your school meet its charitable obligations.