30 Mar 2023

Two member schools receive ‘excellent’ ratings from the ISI after recent inspections

Two IAPS member schools are celebrating this Easter after receiving ‘excellent’ ratings in recent inspections carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Kew Green Prep, in Richmond Surrey, and Burgess Hill Girls Prep and Nursery, in West Sussex, both received the top possible ratings after inspections were carried out in February.

The evaluation was achieved via discussions and questionnaires with pupils, staff, governors and parents, visits to areas of the schools, observation of lessons and activities and examination of pupils’ work and other school documentation.

KGPS and Burgess Hill both achieved the highest ISI grade possible in pupils’ academic and other achievements and in their personal development.

KGPS’ pupils were praised as ‘self-confident, self-disciplined and resilient’ and were commended for their ‘highly positive attitudes and evident desire to succeed.”

The inspection team’s report added: “Pupils demonstrate a mature moral awareness and take responsibility for their own behaviour. They are respectful of each other in keeping with the school’s ethos of kindness and care.”

Meanwhile, the Burgess Hill Girls report contained many positive comments from the ISI, including pupils saying: “It’s that kind of place; you can be yourself and no one will judge you.”

Burgess Hill Girls Head, Lars Fox, said: “This quote completely reflects our supportive and empowering community.

“We are exceptionally proud of everything that is achieved by our students but also of all our staff in their devotion to helping students become the best versions of themselves. It is pleasing to see the excellent work we are doing confirmed by the ISI reports.”

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