21 Mar 2024

Pennthorpe children have been selected as District and Regional representatives in football, cricket and hockey, this season.

Pennthorpe in Rudgwick is thrilled to confirm 13 Pennthorpe children, ranging from Year 6 to Year 8, have been both selected as District and Regional representatives in Football, Cricket and Hockey, this season.

Twelve children have been selected by South East Pumas, with three pupils identified as part of the Prep School Lions ‘A’ Squad. Five of these children have also been selected by Sussex Cricket Pathway, respectively. Incredibly, one Year 8 girl has been chosen to represent South East Pumas, Sussex Cricket Pathway and Sussex Hockey Pathway for the first time in recent years.

Six children have been selected for the Sussex Cricket Pathway, with further representation in the U11, U12 and the U13 squads.

Pennthorpe’s Director of Sport, Mr Matt Barnett, said, “These pupils have demonstrated exceptional effort both in and outside of school, earning them well-deserved recognition on a County and Regional scale. At Pennthorpe, we are fortunate to have a diverse group of talented children who combine their abilities with genuine passion, unwavering dedication, and strong commitment—qualities we frequently observe here.”

Pennthorpe Head, Mr Chris Murray, adds, “This fantastic accomplishment illustrates the determination our children possess and their unwavering pursuit of success. We take immense pride in each and every one of them, and the school remains fully committed to supporting them throughout their journey”.

The South East Pumas place great emphasis on their meticulous selection process, in which Pennthorpe has an established history of collaboration. Those selected for the 'A Squad' receive automatic invitations to participate in the Gothia World Youth Cup, alongside members of the development squad. Held annually in Sweden every July, the Gothia World Cup stands as one of the most esteemed youth football tournaments globally. 

The Sussex Cricket Pathway is a talent development programme that identifies children with exceptional cricketing ability from age 8 up to 18. Children selected by the Sussex Pathway demonstrate a marked talent within the sport, with each child offered a high-stream experience of playing cricket whilst developing an age and stage appropriate skillset.

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