About us

In a traditional setting in rural Somerset, the school is mid-way between the cosmopolitan city of Bath and the popular towns of Bruton and Frome.

The school is at the leading edge in encouraging creativity and in prioritising the well-being of the children. The success of this approach is evident with outstanding results across the board and children moving on to their different senior schools, aged 13, well prepared to make the most of the new opportunities which lie ahead.

Located in a 17th century manor house, well away from the pressures and competitive backdrop that may be facing families in London and the South East, the more relaxed pace of life at All Hallows does not come at the expense of academic rigour; nor does it compromise entry to some of the UK’s more selective senior schools. We not only allow our children the freedom to be children, we are allow them the freedom to be creative in all aspects of school life as well as the freedom to learn.

Whilst traditional in our setting, and in the way we uphold old-fashioned values such as good manners and a consideration for others, we are far from traditional in our approach to education. Questions our staff regularly ask themselves include “how can we preserve the natural curiosity of our younger children”, “how can we maximise the academic attainment of our children whilst minimising their stress?” and “what can we do to help them thrive in their senior schools, at university and beyond?”. Our focus is truly child-centred in the belief that different aspects of a child’s life are mutually reinforcing. Thus, we are simultaneously developing the whole child emotionally, creatively, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Happiness and well-being lie at the heart of every decision we make and our children are secure in the knowledge that it is OK to be themselves. As a result, they are achieving above and beyond expectations. 

Preserving childhood is top of the agenda and to us, this means giving children time to grow at their own pace, allowing them to take risks and make mistakes, nurturing their talents and giving them opportunities to discover passions, helping them develop resilience and make lifelong friendships. This process starts in the nursery and continues right up to the end of Year 8 when the children are eager to move on to senior school and embrace new opportunities.

At All Hallows, we do not judge success by our outstanding scholarship record - 65% of Year 8 pupils going on to schools in the UK in 2018 did so with a scholarship or award - nor by our Common Entrance record where all pupils in recent years gained access to the senior school of their choice. We measure success on a daily basis, at an individual level, where children are pushing personal boundaries and achieving milestones. Qualities we aim to engender in our pupils include compassion, resilience, creativity in thinking, a willingness to take risks and an ability to be inclusive and make friends. Opportunities for responsibility and leadership at the top of the school are an important part of this process, as well as the comprehensive post Common Entrance programme the children enjoy following their exams.

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