About us

Alleyn Court prep School was founded in 1904 by Theodore Wilcox with assistance from his uncle, the author Lewis Carroll, and continuously owned and managed by his direct descendants until 2015, when the family generously gifted the school to a Charitable Trust.

The school is set in 14 acres of woodland and playing fields and housed in buildings that nestle around the Tudor walled garden. The headmaster is a member of both IAPS & ISA. Alleyn Court Prep School educates children from 2 ½ to 11 years old. The school is 2-form entry with a maximum of 20 children in a class. It is non-selective school with an excellent record for academic, artistic, dramatic and sporting success. Quality of teaching, small class sizes and subject specialist teaching all impact on the successful education of children. 

Subject specialist teaching starts with French and Music in the pre-prep, increases through the Lower School, so that by Yr 5 the school operates much like a secondary school, making good use of the school’s specialist resources and 14-acre site. This systematic approach ensures children leave the school well prepared to thrive in Yr 7.

The co-curricular activities programme offers children considerable opportunity to develop their creative, physical and academic skills and interests, extending the day. Pastoral care runs deep and children enjoy the opportunity to experience a thrilling childhood and an excellent education having had the support required to ensure they have developed strong, well-balanced characters capable of tackling challenging opportunities in their future lives.

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