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“Education should be about inspiring moments where the spirit is well and truly lifted. It should engender a lifelong enthusiasm and passion for learning.” Fred de Falbe - headmaster

Beeston is a small school with a big heart. Children at Beeston work hard and play hard and welcome everyone to their school with good cheer and passion to succeed. Modern education, traditional values and reputation for excellence – this is Beeston Hall, a full boarding and day co-educational school with a family atmosphere and a matchless reputation. As one of the leading preparatory schools in the country, we recognise that every child is an individual who comes to us with his or her own special gifts and talents, which we can nurture to ensure confidence is developed and potential reached.

Although the outstanding pastoral care is what we treasure most, the remarkable results across the board each year (over 50% achieve an award to their senior school and all this from a non-selective entry) mean it is the children themselves who are the school’s finest ambassadors. Certainly, if you want to have freedom of choice of entry for your child, to suit his or her individual needs, to any of the country’s leading public schools, then Beeston ticks all the boxes.

Our commitment is a simple one: to place the individual learning needs of each and every child at the core of all that we do, equipping children with the confidence, independent spirit and skills necessary for today’s world. Exeats home are every 2 or 3 weeks and the school is unique in East Anglia in offering proper, full boarding, thereby ensuring, by the presence of all boarders 7 days a week, that the children’s weekends at school are as busy and rewarding as the rest of the week.

One of the great strengths of Beeston is unquestionably the tremendous variety of energetic and enthusiastic activity going on; indeed as a parent once wrote, “Any newcomer arriving at Beeston could be forgiven for thinking they had arrived in school child heaven!”. We appreciate that for our boarding children this will be their home for much of the year and every effort is made to ensure it is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Food plays an important role, and we endeavour to offer as varied a menu as possible, tuned to all dietary needs and tastes.

A unique new boarding experience at Beeston is the addition of a separate house for children in their final year, where, in preparation for the sometimes daunting transition from preparatory to public school, they can assume greater responsibility and gain a sense of independence.

Beeston Hall is easily accessible by all major transportation means and offers escorted train travel (all stations to London) and airport collection. The location, 30 acres just minutes from the beach on the beautiful north Norfolk coast, is idyllic and provides the perfect environment for children to just be children whilst acquiring the necessary skills for the outside world. The school sums it all up in three words: happiness, confidence and achievement!

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