About us

In 1546, when Henry VIII founded Christ Church and its Cathedral, he made provision for a number of boy choristers and a schoolmaster. From this royal beginning has grown the present school which took its current shape with the building of 3 Brewer Street under Dean Liddell (father of the Alice immortalised by Lewis Carroll).

The school is home both to the choristers of Christ Church Cathedral (all of whom board) and to those of Worcester College Chapel (day boys). Although all the remaining pupils are not choristers, it is fair to say that music permeates the school's life.

We have three departments: the nursery (for boys and girls) housed in Cardinal Wolsey’s former residence; the pre-prep (for boys aged 4–6) and prep (boys 7–13) mostly accommodated in the modern Walton Centre. We build on long and strong traditions but look forward, aiming to prepare each boy for the challenges of the next stage of his education, to nurture talent and to build self-esteem.

We have tried on our website to give you a flavour of our busy, happy and successful school, but words and pictures can only go so far: there is no substitute for seeing us for yourself. When you visit you will be assured of a warm welcome and I hope that you will decide, as so many other parents have done, that you could see your child thriving at Christ Church.

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