About us

Ruckleigh is a magical place, where academics, imagination, and fun combine to create a truly unique educational environment. Set in the heart of Solihull, at Ruckleigh we seek to marry the academic rigour of a city prep, with the freedom and simple joy of a country one.

The school is, of course, equipped throughout with the latest teaching tools. But what makes Ruckleigh unique is its people. We are fortunate in our outstanding staff but also in our lively, interested and compassionate pupils. The school itself is surrounded by a hidden garden with ancient trees, which lend an almost Narnian magic to break times and are supplemented by play areas aplenty.

Ruckleigh has always stood apart. Established in 1909, Ruckleigh was innovative in its insistence on co-education and its commitment to encouraging intellectual curiosity, confidence, diligence and a readiness in pupils to ‘think outside the box’. These principles still make up cornerstones of the schools’ approach today and if anything, have become ever more important with the passing of time. Academic but caring, we recognise the importance of examinations (our children routinely score some of the best marks in the region) but feel that variety, compassion and nurturing a true love of learning are at least as important.

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