The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) is a member’s association representing more than 670 of the world’s leading prep schools. IAPS promotes excellence in education by engaging and supporting its schools, aiming to put children’s best interests first, in line with its core values: Independence, Aspiration, Respect, Service, Compassion and Integrity

The sports programme provides opportunities for children to participate in a competitive and safe environment. There are over 170 events organised annually across 22 different sports attracting on average, 22,000 children.

Meet the team

Emily Connell

Sports event manager, IAPS

Emily manages the annual sports event programme, delivering over 170 events across 22 sports. Emily is responsible for making sure the events comply with IAPS’s policies and procedures, providing high-quality events to our members. She also leads the work of the Sport Committee.

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Mike Kershaw

Sports event co-ordinator, IAPS

Mike works alongside Emily to co-ordinate and deliver the sports programme. He co-ordinates the administration for our events and is the first point of contact for school and parent queries.

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James Taylor

Events administrator, IAPS

James works alongside both the professional development team and the sports event team providing administrative and organisational support to both programmes.


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