IAPS is a schools’ association with over 650 of the world’s leading prep schools in membership, both in the UK and internationally. As a service provider for our member schools, we provide support and guidance to Headteachers, professional training for staff and opportunities for children to take part in sport and art competitions.

Our schools provide education for over 160,000 pupils in the UK and 23,000 children internationally. 

Why sponsor IAPS Sport?

The annual sports programme offers a range of team and individual events for member schools to compete in a fun, safe and competitive environment.

Over 160 events are organised annually across 20 different sports, with around 22,000 children participating. Each event is supported by a huge number of spectators, which makes for a fabulous atmosphere.

More information about what IAPS Sport does and the sponsorship opportunities is available in the following document: 

For more information or to discuss the sponsorship opportunites available, please contact: [email protected]