IAPS gymnastics championships

Championships information

As far as reasonably possible, every effort will be made to stagger teams from the same school throughout the day.

Pre-requisite of booking onto the Championships
  1. Staffing
    1. Schools must provide an additional member of staff/parents who will be allocated a role on the day to help with the running of the event.
    2. The role will be non-technical and a worked on a rota.
    3. Examples roles include: manning the entry desk, collecting scores for the scorers and hosting the judges in their refreshment area.
    4. Schools will be required to submit their volunteer’s name BEFORE the competition.
    5. If you cannot provide an additional lmember of staff to support the running of the event we will be required to withdraw your entry. 
  2. Code of conduct
    1. Schools must ask spectators to read the IAPS parental code of conduct before attending the event. Rude and poor behaviour will not be tolerated.
  3. Honouring deadlines
    1. Please adhere to the deadline for entries as it is very difficult to add schools to the draw after it has been completed.
    2. Please ensure that you have adequate staff for the warm-up and to supervise your gymnasts if you are bringing multiple teams.
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