IAPS's senior management team

IAPS is led by chief executive, Christopher King, and supported by the senior managment team, based at our headquarters in Warwick. Their priorities are determined by the IAPS Board, made up of members, elected by members.

Christopher King


As well as fulfilling all the functions of chief executive, Christopher works with the chair and the Board to shape the strategic direction of IAPS. Christopher is the figurehead of the association and offers first-line support to any member in difficulty. Contact details: [email protected] 01926 887833


Mark Brotherton

Director of Education Services, IAPS

Mark provides educational support to schools and initiates educational research and development within IAPS. He is responsible for the courses and conferences programme and also oversees our comprehensive sports programme. Mark also works with other educational bodies to promote the interests of prep schools. Contact details: [email protected] or 01926 461505 (direct).

Emilie Darwin

Director of Membership Services, IAPS

The primary role of the director is providing advice and help to members in all school operations including marketing, recruitment, legal, safeguarding and associated matters. Emilie also assists the chief executive in developing a programme for the development of the international membership.  Contact details: [email protected] 07818 478954

Jackie Moore

Head of Finance, IAPS

Jackie is responsible for the finances of the association and for providing advice to members on financial matters. She is also a trustee and secretary/treasurer of itrust. She acts as a primary link with ISBA and represents IAPS at meetings of the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB). She also supervises the maintenance, insurance and upkeep of the association’s property.

Jackie can be contacted via email below or on 01926 887833


Andrew Nott

Chair 2020-24, IAPS

The chair of IAPS is elected by the AGM, having been nominated by the Board. It is the job of the chair to guide the chief executive and staff, attend committee meetings, act as an expert spokesperson and be consulted on significant policy decisions. [email protected] 01926 887833

Charlotte Johnston

Vice Chair 2021-2023, IAPS

The vice chair, who is nominated by the district representatives for election by the Board. The vice chair attends committee meetings and IAPS district meetings and acts as an essential conduit between the membership and IAPS HQ, leads and is a figure head at the IAPS annual conference and deputises for the chair of IAPS as required. [email protected] 01926 887833