IAPS has over 45 schools across the world, many of these located in districts established in Europe, Kenya and the Middle East. 

Overseas schools have accreditation in the same way as UK schools, through fulfilling membership criteria and achieving strong inspection reports, ideally being inspected by an inspectorate recognised by the British Government for the inspection of British Schools Overseas (BSO).

Currently these are; 

  • Education Development Trust (EDT)
  • Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)
  • Penta international

There are opportunities for overseas members to meet as a whole group at the IAPS annual conference.

New IAPS members overseas can access the IAPS coaching scheme via e-mail and video conferencing, such as Skype, Zoom as part of their induction. There is also the opportunity for overseas schools to access CPD via the IAPS iLearning. 

We are keen to ensure that IAPS remains in close contact with our overseas members. IAPS has an elected International Representative (IR) who attends the Board meetings to report and share views on behalf of all of our overseas members. We welcome your direct contact too, suggestions on other ways in which we can support overseas members more effectively are welcomed.