Digital Innovation: AI and Digital Leadership conference

10 November 2023 9.30am – 4pm Subject RGS The Grange, WR3 7RR

In this course, school leaders and subject leaders in technology will gain the knowledge and tools needed to drive positive change within their curriculum and school community. Participants will explore the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how to effectively implement AI technologies in their respective schools.

The course will focus on equipping participants with practical strategies for leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning. Participants will understand the role of AI in education and explore its potential applications to improve student outcomes.

Additionally, participants will delve into the concept of Digital Leaders and discover how to utilise their expertise and skills to foster a technology-rich school environment. The course will emphasise creating a collaborative culture that promotes innovative technology integration and empowers students as digital leaders within the school setting.

By the end of the course, school leaders and subject leaders in technology will be well-equipped to lead their schools towards embracing AI and leveraging technology to create a progressive and future-ready learning environment.

The objectives of the course include empowering school leaders to make positive change within curriculum and school community, understanding the latest developments within AI and how to implement in respective schools and learning about utilising Digital Leaders within a school setting.


(Subject to change)