SEND: The Inclusive School

5 October 2023 9am – 2.30pm Subject St Faith's School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, CB2 8AG

**Please be advised this course has been cancelled***

What does it really mean to have an ‘Inclusive’ Prep School?

What does inclusivity really mean in education?

How can we make it integral to teaching, learning and emotional well-being across all aspects of school life?  

How can inclusivity become a reality in the modern Prep School?

This course aims to address these questions: from the legal, to the practical, to the very human nurturing side. The day will include hearing from two inspiring and passionate speakers – a Trust SEND Coordinator will guide and advise on exemplar inclusive practice, and a wonderful specialist in neurodiversity will help you to make bespoke strategies become part of the everyday, with a particular focus on ASD and ADHD but with ideas that will work for everyone – including you!

All of this you are going to want to listen to, because making things work for one person, makes things work better for everyone. You will leave the course will an enhanced understanding of how best to nurture a heighted awareness and sensitivity of peers and staff towards difference, how to promote an unconditional positive self-regard for all types of learner and how to raise this, in easy practice, at a whole setting level.

Life improves for all when inclusivity works at its best.


(Programme subject to change)