08 Sep 2023

IAPS welcomes M:Tech, provider of innovative music-making courses for children in UK schools, as our latest Premier Partner.

IAPS is delighted to welcome M:Tech, the leading provider of innovative music-making courses for children in UK schools, as the latest sponsor to join the Premier Partners programme.

This exciting collaboration signifies M:Tech’s commitment to promoting excellence in music education and enhancing the creative opportunities for children across the United Kingdom.

Premier Partners share IAPS' values, not least to pursue excellence in their respective areas of operation,  but also fundamentally seek to provide services which improve the educational lives of children. Agreements run for three years in the first instance and Premier Partners will have exclusivity of representation in their area of commercial work.

As Premier Music Partner, M:Tech will work closely with IAPS to foster a creative and engaging environment for children, unlocking their musical potential and promoting hands-on learning experiences. By combining M:Tech’s expertise in music education with IAPS’ commitment to delivering high-quality education, this partnership aims to offer unique opportunities for children across the Association’s family of schools to develop confidence, creativity, and musical skills.

M:Tech’s inspiring music-making courses have been thoughtfully developed over the past 15 years in collaboration with film composers, instrumentalists, and music producers. Now working in over 100 schools teaching 3000 children a week, the courses focus on a hands-on approach to composition theory, allowing children to discover the building blocks of music through interactive and technology-based lessons. With a strong emphasis on project-based learning, children collaborate in pairs to create soundtracks for various media, including TV adverts, movie trailers, video games, and cartoons.

“We are thrilled to become Premier Music Partner with IAPS,” said Khaled Abdullah, Director at M:Tech. “This partnership allows us to further our mission of providing an exciting and fresh music-making experience for children. We share IAPS’ values of pursuing excellence and improving the educational lives of children and we are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring to young learners across the UK.”

The Premier Partners Scheme offered by IAPS provides exclusive representation to selected partners in their respective areas of commercial work. This recognition further highlights M:Tech’s expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding music education for children of all musical abilities.

“We are delighted to welcome M:Tech as our Premier Music Partner,” said Dominic Norrish, Chief Executive of IAPS. “M:Tech’s innovative approach to music education aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting excellence in education. Through this partnership, we aim to help M:Tech provide valuable resources and opportunities for children to develop their musical talents and creativity.”

M:Tech’s partnership with IAPS signifies a shared commitment to fostering creativity, inclusivity, and educational growth. Together, they aim to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment that celebrates the unique musical abilities of every child.

More details about the IAPS Premier Partners programme and the current list of sponsors can be found on our Premier Partners page.

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