Tournament details

When does it take place?

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Championships takes place in the Summer term.

Bookings open

For events in the Autumn term, bookings will open during the Summer term preceding it.
For events in the Spring term, bookings will open during the Autumn term.
For events in the Summer term, bookings will open during the Spring term.

Level of shooter

The championships are aimed at developing the sport from a variety of levels including beginners, but not complete novices. 

Shooting categories

U11 & U12 - 30 bird shoot
U13 - 50 bird shoot
The entry fee includes; gun hire, 30/50 cartridges and clays, refreshments for all competitors, baseball cap and public liability insurance.

Para sport

If you have a child at your school who you would like to get involved in one of our events, but an adaptation would be required, please contact the sport team to discuss. [email protected] 

Individual awards

All pupils that enter the championships will be automatically entered into the individual competition.
Each school can enter a maximum of 6 shooters per age group (U11, U12 & U13).
The maximum entries from a school is 18 competitors.

Team awards

Schools have the choice of entering one team competitions (different scoring systems). 
Schools can enter either the IAPS team competition or the WLSS team competition, not both.
Schools may only enter one team per age group.
Teams must be made up of the same age group but can be mixed gender.

IAPS team award

Teams are made up of between 1-6 competitors.
Scores will not be averaged, simply totalled.
Teams of less than 6 shooters (per age group) will have scores totalled to reflect the team score, not averaged.
Competitors cannot shoot twice to replace absent competitors.

WLSS team award

Teams are made up of between 2-4 competitors.
Scores will be averaged based on the total number of clays shot and the number of members within the team.
Competitors cannot shoot twice to replace absent competitors.

Competitor details
Once you have booked, you will be asked to provide some details about your competitors before the event. In line with GDPR, only essential information is collected in order to be able to organise the sports event.


Comfortable outdoor clothing including appropriate walking shoes or boots is recommended.
Shoulder pads or shooting jackets are also advised but not essential.
Competitors should bring a change of shoes and their school blazers for the awards presentation.

Equipment required

Both 12 and 20 bore shotguns will be available to all competitors at each stand.
Ear protectors will be provided on the day although pupils may wish to bring their own.
Competitors may also bring their own shotguns. Should competitors wish to use their own shotguns, the licence holder of the gun must be present at the championships throughout the day and they must carry their own shotgun certificate as by law they can not travel without it.
Additional equipment can be purchased on the day of the championships at the West London Shooting School store.

Experience and safety

All competitors should have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of gun safety and some shooting experience prior to the championship.
Pupils who do not display the sufficient safety knowledge prior to the event may be asked not to compete and will not be refunded.
There must be a teacher responsible for the competitors at all times, failure to be able to provide a member of staff may mean teams forfeiting the championships.

Booking online

Opening date: Tuesday 24 January

Closing date: Friday 10 March

Cost of entry: £95.00 per individual

Rules and regulations

The national governing body for Clay Pigeon Shooting in England is The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association.

The championships are conducted under the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association rules. The judges decision on the course is final and cannot be appealed.

Schools are prohibited from having a coach, staff or parent with the pupils in the stands at the time of the competition due to the club safety regulations.

Please read the rules and regulations in full before entering the event.

Eligibility & policies

Please make sure you have read and understand the following eligibility criteria and policies before booking onto an event:

  1. eligibility criteria
  2. booking terms and conditions
  3. safeguarding policy
  4. media policy
  5. codes of conducts

Upcoming events

16 June 2023

Clay Pigeon Shooting Championships 2023

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