Tournament details

When does it take place?

The Fencing Championships takes place in the Summer term.

Booking open

For events in the Autumn term, bookings will open during the Summer term preceding it.
For events in the Spring term, bookings will open during the Autumn term.
For events in the Summer term, bookings will open during the Spring term.

Age Groups

U11 age group = years 5+6.
U13 age group = years 7+8.
Children must compete in the correct age group. They are not allowed to compete up an age group.
Year 4 children are not permitted to enter.


Pupils can only take part in one age group throughout the whole competition.

Following British Fencing guidance regarding best practice for the U10 age group, the U9 age group has been removed from this competition. Competitors under the age of 9 cannot take part in the competition. For more information regarding this decision, please click here.


All fencers will be seeded and compete accordingly.


All referees will be sourced for the event by the organiser.
Schools are no longer required to provide a referee.


Sat 20 May - Epee & Sabre (both U11 and U13)

Sun 21 May - Foil (both U11 and U13)


All fencers must have full kit including plastron, long white socks and breeches.
Foil - size 3 or smaller.
Epee & Sabre - size 2.

Booking online

Opening date: Tuesday 24 January

Closing date: Friday 24 March

Cost of entry: £35 per individual

Competitor details
Once you have booked, you will be asked to provide some details about your competitors before the event. In line with GDPR, only essential information is collected in order to be able to organise the sports event.


Rules and Regulations

The national governing body for fencing in England is British Fencing
All IAPS Fencing championships are conducted under the British Fencing rules.

Please read the rules and regulations in full before entering the event.
Coaches must be in school kit and carry school ID when they attend the championships.

British Fencing affiliation (condition of entry)
IAPS works closely with British Fencing to adhere to the highest possible safety standards at our event.
As a condition of entry, all schools who enter the championships must be affiliated to British Fencing as a club.
Club membership allows British Fencing to ensure that all fencing coaches within your school are registered and have undergone the necessary checks and training in order to be a fencing coach.
You will be asked to provide your clubs membership number on the entry form and this will be checked with British Fencing.
If your school is not yet registered as a club, please click here to join.


Eligibility & policies

Please make sure you have read and understand the following eligibility criteria and policies before booking onto an event:

  1. eligibility criteria
  2. booking terms and conditions
  3. safeguarding policy
  4. media policy
  5. codes of conducts

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.