Championship details

Italian Skiing Championships

Sunday, 5 March - Friday, 10 March

Booking online

Bookings will open on Tuesday, 13 September 2022 at 0900.
Bookings will close on Friday, 18 November 2022 at 1700.

A "Book Now" button will appear on the left. You will select the qualifier that you wish to attend. 

Registering for the championships (with IAPS)
  • Schools should first register for the championships via IAPS. 
  • A non-refundable £20 admin fee per competitor is payable upon registration.
  • Schools must then book all other elements of the trip with the Bulferetti family.
Booking onto the championships (with the Bulferetti group)
  • Full details of the costs, including the Bulferetti cancellation policy is available to view here
  • Whilst IAPS carries out the administration for the races and event programme, it does not have any involvement in the booking or provision of travel, accommodation, lift passes or ski hire.
  • Schools must make these arrangements directly with the Bulferetti’s group.
  • Flights are not included. Schools should book these individually.
  • Please note: Flights & insurance are not included in the cost of the event and should be booked by your school seperately. 
IMPORTANT - Team supervision

Teams MUST be accompanied and led by a member of school staff who has appropriate safeguarding training and good skiing experience. Parents are welcome to attend but the event is a school trip and must be run by the school. Parents are required to make their own travel arrangements and book their own accommodation.

Age groups & entries
  • U9, U11 & U13.
  • This is a team event.
  • The maximum number of children each school can enter is 16, with the ideal number being between 8 and 12. The restriction on numbers is to allow as many schools as possible to enter the event. We know smaller prep schools may only have a team of 3 or 4 to bring for one event. Bigger schools may wish to bring 16 skiers, which is enough to give your best skiers a range of testing race experiences.
  • Teams must be made up of competitors from the same school.
Championships details

A full list of the championships details can be found here.


Pupils can only take part in one age group throughout the whole competition.

Risk assessment 

A risk assessment will be sent to all schools before the event.

Indoor Skiing Championships

Monday 15 May 2023, 1200-1800

Age groups
U11 (U9-U11 inclusive)
U13 (U9-U13 inclusive)


There is an individual event and a virtual team element.
Schools can enter a maximum of 12 competitors (across the 3 age groups).
Teams of 3 or 4 skiers.
Teams must be made up of competitors from the same school.
The team event will be split by age and gender (e.g. U9 boys and girls, U11 boys and girls & U13 boys and girls).
If a pupil skis up in another age group, they must stay as part of that age group for the whole competition.

2 runs of slalom
runs of giant slalom (GS)

Individual scoring
The best slalom and best GS time are added together.  

Team scoring
Team time will be calculated on the best slalom and best GS times.
This will be done by adding up times for 3 best slalom and 3 best GS runs (by 3 different skiers in the team of 3 or 4).
Lowest total combination time wins.

Medalling positions
1st – 3rd placed individuals (per age group and gender)
1st – 3rd placed teams 

Competitor details
You will be asked on the booking form to provide your competitor initials and dates of birth. If you don't know these at the time of booking please select anonymous under the guest number at this page, you can complete at a later date through your online account. They MUST be completed before you attend the event. 

Booking online

Opening date: Tuesday 24 January

Closing date: Friday 28 April

Cost of entry: £75.00 per individual




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