Tournament details

When does it take place?

The Tennis Championships takes place in the Summer term.

This is a two day tournament, competitors will be required for both days.

Bookings open

For events in the Autumn term, bookings will open during the Summer term preceding it.
For events in the Spring term, bookings will open during the Autumn term.
For events in the Summer term, bookings will open during the Spring term.


Pupils can only take part in one age group throughout the whole competition. 

Age groups & teams
  • U11 and U13 tournament for both boys and girls.
  • A team is made up of two players of the same sex.
  • Schools can enter two teams into each age group.
  • Teams will be put into the appropriate competition based on rating and ranking. 
Championship format
  • A compass draw will be used for all age groups where possible (either 32, 16 or 8).
  • The exact compass draw will be decided once entries have closed and total numbers are confirmed.
  • IAPS will decide the compass draw for each age group and allocate each team to a draw.
  • This is to allow maximum play for competitors and to ensure that each team is playing at the correct level.
  • Some age groups may find there are two draws running simultaneously e.g A and B draws.
  • Teams will be allocated into a draw based on their joint team ratings.
Match playing format
  • All matches will follow the FAST4 scoring.
  • Teams will play one rubber per match.
  • A rubber is made up of 2 singles and 1 doubles.
    • E.g. player 1 v player 1 (singles 1), player 2 v player 2 (singles 2), school 1 v school 2 (doubles).
Umpiring and scoring
  • Players will be expected to score all their matches, as there will be no umpires on court.
  • Less experienced players can have help scoring by an experienced and neutral adult.
  • LTA officials will be present to help with any queries or discrepancies.
  • Matches will not count towards LTA rankings.
  • A hot lunch and snacks will be provided for competitors and coaches on both days at no additional cost. 
  • Food and drinks will be available to purchase both days.
Competitor details
Once you have booked, you will be asked to provide some details about your competitors before the event. In line with GDPR, only essential information is collected in order to be able to organise the sports event.


Booking online

Opening date: Tuesday 24 January

Closing date: Friday 10 March

Cost of entry: £100.00 per pair


Rules and regulations

The national governing body for Tennis in England is the LTA.

This tournament is conducted under the LTA guidelines.

Please read the rules and regulations in full before entering the event.

Eligibility & policies

Please make sure you have read and understand the following eligibility criteria and policies before booking onto an event:

  1. eligibility criteria
  2. booking terms and conditions
  3. safeguarding policy
  4. media policy
  5. codes of conducts

Upcoming events

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