Copyright and schools

We supply Copyright Licences for all independent schools registered with the Department for Education, regardless of whether they are members of IAPS. Further information on what is covered by each licence is available on the DfE website

IAPS acts as the billing agent for the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Motion Picture Licensing Company. We also represent independent schools on the Education Licensing Working Group, whose minutes are available to download.

Other licensing agencies include the Educational Recording Agency (who we previously acted on behalf of), and the Christian Copyright Licensing Agency

Copyright and Schools explains which licences you need to use copyrighted material. For information on which material is covered by which licence, please refer to this handy guide.

IAPS Copyright billing

We send out a single invoice on 1 April each year on behalf of all the above agencies.

For details of why IAPS is invoicing you and how we calculated your invoice, please read the guidance on the above DfE website link or download the relevant file below.

Please note that schools not covered by the above DfE licence, including independent schools, are required to take out their own licences.

Copyright Licensing Agency



Cover Letter
Terms and Conditions
CLA: Education Licence, Education Licence Guidelines
SPML: Terms, User Guidelines, Quick Guide
NLA: Schools Licence, Schools Licence Guidelines


 For all music educators, CLA is delighted that the Shake It Up competition is returning for a second year. The competition celebrates the Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) by inviting teachers to send CLA an arrangement they’ve made under the SPML. Iain Wilkinson of Keswick schools walked away with the £700 winner’s prize last year – send CLA an arrangement and it could be you he passes the crown to! See how the promotion started at the SAME conference.



Motion Picture Licensing Company  



Cover Letter
Terms and Conditions


Licences are not valid until payment has been received.

For further information, please email our accounts team, or call 01926 461506.