12 Oct 2020


ITN Productions Industry News and IAPS have co-produced ‘Prepping for the Future,’ a news-style programme that explores the important role that preparatory schools play in nurturing young minds and how they can enable children to reach their full potential

‘Prepping for the Future’ looks at the shifting school culture and recent challenges in the education sector, delving into the classrooms and speaking with students and their educators. From teacher development and training, to wellbeing for the staff and their students. 

The film also focuses on the creation of bespoke curriculums, the health and wellbeing of prep school pupils, the extra-curricular activities available and the welfare and training of prep school staff. The news-style programme highlights two exemplary prep schools that reflect a strong sense of community and family. ITN Productions news presenter Donna Bernard reports from St Peter’s in Devon and in Somerset, ITN Productions news presenter Robin Ross visits Perrott Hill Prep School.

The programme features key interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles and launched on 12 October 2020. The programme will form part of a wider “Prepping for the Future” campaign with a further series launching Spring 2021.

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