The Falcons School for Boys

The Falcons School for Boys

The Falcons Schools for Boys are IAPS member schools for boys aged 3 to 13. The Pre-Preparatory School is located in Chiswick and the Preparatory in Richmond, with transport links provided between the two sites.

Our aim at the Falcons is to give our boys the best start in their educational journey, by providing them with the 'Gold Standard in Education'. Schools that educate only boys enjoy some powerful advantages over schools that serve both boys and girls. Boys’ schools are able to develop their resources, choose their teachers, and design their programs with only one goal in mind -- to meet the educational and developmental needs of young men. During recent decades, ground-breaking brain research using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), investigations into the developmental differences between boys and girls, and studies of the sociology of schools have all helped us understand how to best educate boys and girls. At the same time,ironically, it has become clear that an alarming number of boys – most of whom are attending coeducational institutions – are not succeeding in school. This well-documented and broadly publicized phenomenon, coupled with new knowledge about learning, has lead to a re-examination of many assumptions underlying current educational practices. One of the results has been a growing understanding of the benefits of single-gender educational settings and an increased awareness of the advantages of boys’ schools.

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    10:30AM -12:30PM

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D Boys 7 -13

41 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2SS

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